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Hair Transplantation – Perfect solution to solving the problems of baldness

Le 23 July 2015, 11:21 dans Humeurs 0

Plastic surgeries are basically medical specializations concerned with activities of restoration or correction of functions and forms.  Cosmetic surgeries are the most popular variety of this form of surgery and within this sub category it is probably the transplantation of hairs that people goes with the maximum of counts.

Transplanting hair is the process wherein the hair follicles get shifted to the areas that have sparse hairs. These follicles are generally fetched from the backward areas of the skull and are lesser sensitive to hormones. This shifting is done purely in surgical ways. The concept on which the entire procedure is based is the probability of the hair roots that get to shift from the back portion of the skull might start to grow up at their new location with the passage of a certain span.

The probable reasons to baldness

These days, the problem with baldness is very common among people. Either for the effects of the water that people bath with or that group of individuals who perspire a lot, are prone to get bald at unusual times. Even people in very early stages of life get the hairs on their head to sparse up. Yet another major reason that is making baldness a very common problem is that of the driving helmets. As the majority of people drives the motorcycle, they are compelled to put on the driving helmet while to ride it. It causes the rate of sweating to go up profusely and the affect is that the hairs start falling off at rapid place. Yet another major reason is the mal nutrition that marks the falling of hairs at rapid pace. All these reason combine to leave the people with a bald head somewhere at the peak period of their life.

The negative effects of baldness

These days the level of competition is very high on all walks of life, the appearance and the look of an individual’s matters a lot. The severe affect of baldness can make a person to cut a very sorry figure in these quotients. Baldness generally makes a young person to look much older in age and often he get to tease by others. This affects his confidence and esteem in severe ways that it becomes really tough for him to retain those necessary factors for success. The consequence is that the individual get to develop an inferiority complex in him after which he finds the advancement in life almost impossible.

Fortunately, these people can see up some hopes with the evolution of the hair transplantation techniques and the gradual development in it.  People seeking for hair transplant in Delhi can now avail the availability of numerous specialized clinics that works on this cause.


Botox- A treatment for young skin

Le 11 December 2014, 12:48 dans Humeurs 0

Botox is a drug which is made of neurotoxin and it is used by several celebs in the past and present to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, etc. It is used to treat muscle spasms and Botox is injected in the muscles to reduce spasms that block the transmission between the muscle fibers and endings of the nerves. It stops abnormal nerve functions and it prevents the nerves from communicating with muscle cells. Those who want to achieve a younger looking complexion can rely on the clinic Botox Delhi doctor’s team who has the skill and experience to give you maximum benefit of this treatment.  Those who want to avoid the side effects of aging taking this treatment.

How does it work?

Botulinum toxin is a poisonous substance and just one gram of it can kill about one million people. Even though it is toxic and costly, it is in great demand as it causes reduction in abnormal muscle contraction which helps one to get rid of lines, wrinkles, etc. It can also treat variety of medical conditions. The Botox Delhi team of doctors uses this for various therapeutic conditions like, chronic migraine, overactive bladder, hemi facial spasm, eye squints, etc. It is also said that only trained and qualified doctors should give Botox as they have to check your medical history, see what medications are you on and which medications need to be stopped before taking Botox as it may cause complications.

The trained team of Botox specialists in Cocoona Delhi is reliable for the treatment. They will ask the patient of they are prone to any allergies and any health condition which need to be considered for the treatment.

Safety, side effects and the benefits:

The treatment of Botox is safe and the doctors will discuss the areas one would like to target and tiny injections will be given in those areas. The procedures are quick and the treatment is not painful as well. The benefit of this treatment is that there is little or no recovery time. Most of the people can return to their normal life after the treatment. The results will last for three to 6 months and the procedure can be repeated. This will also depend on the advice offered by the doctor. There are little side effects of the treatment like one may feel nausea, vomiting, drooping of the eyelids, headaches, facial pain, eyelid twitching, etc.


Botox reacts with certain medicines and therefore, if you are on any type of medication then it must be discussed with the doctor. Well, to enjoy a good complexion, get in touch with the doctors offering Botox treatment in Delhi Cocoona hospital who will guide you about the process and give you the results that you always wanted.